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About OXIE Food Solutions
Where the Flavors of the World Converge


Oxie Food Solutions is a creator and provider of unique food products to clients who serve a diverse and a wide range of consumer base. Our clients serve such markets as the Convenience Stores (C-Stores), Sports and Entertainment Venues, the U.S. Military, and the U.S. School Systems, among others.


We comb the country to search for products that are new and different from the plethora of mainstream products. We choose from the many exciting tastes and flavors from around the globe and make them available to our clients’ consumers, as they demand more exciting choices and variety. Accordingly, we have created products and meal plans that have mixed the exotic flavors of the Caribbean Isles, Pacific and Asian countries, the Mediterranean and Central/South American nations.

Taste and quality of the products we offer is of paramount importance to us; and we spend much of our time with our food design experts getting the product exactly right. We will not serve inferior products.

Our products are all designed to meet the specific packaging, preparation, serving and consumption demands of each of our clients. As an example, our Jamaican Patties can come frozen and, within a minute in a microwave, become a filling and tasty meal on the go for the harried consumers of our clients who operate in the convenience store or movie theater market.

As always, we work hard to accommodate the pricing and distribution challenges that our clients face in the ordinary course of their business.

The Beef Sambussa shown below represent some of the many existing products we currently carry that would work well in a convenience store environment. Other product ideas include empanadas that feature Central and South American flavors, samosas and wraps that capture the Mediterranean tastes, Pan-Asian Chicken eggrolls and more.

Beyond our existing product line, we love to work with our clients to design and produce new items or improve existing products to satisfy the ever-changing and discerning tastes of their respective consumers. We work with you to understand your specific needs, and then create and customize menu items that your customers will love to eat, and which will fit within the storage, marketing, pricing and other parameters of your food program.

Oxie Foods is led by a team that has more than 40 years combined experience in food the food business including product design, preparation, service and operations.

We look forward to meeting with you to better understand the specific requirements of your consumers so we can create and provide you the exciting product that will drive them to repeatedly visit your stores.

Beef Sambussa (Samosa) - UNFRIED


Sambussa is a delightful triangular shaped pastry filled with either savory or sweet ingredients. They are served baked or fried. This particular sambussa is a flavorful beef. Other options include chicken, veggie, spinach, lentils, potato, pineapple & coconut or jam & cream cheese.

Serve 2-3 as a delicious fast-service meal. Also perfect for breakfast.